What the Greatest Garages in the World need

What makes a good garage great? The answer will likely vary depending on who you ask. Though we’ll always commend a beautiful, simplistic, fully functional garage, many people like to push things one things further, building marvels of architecture that display or transport luxury cars using some of the most extravagant and unusual contraptions ever created.

In this article, we’re going to answer this question in three different ways. We’ll be discussing what makes a typical, average budget garage great, how these garages can be customised and refined to make the garage even better, and then we’ll be taking a look at the most extravagant garages, courtesy of the mega-rich.



What makes an average garage great? 

For the everyday man, a garage is a means of housing a car or two, or potentially for use as a workshop or storage unit. 99% of garages tick these boxes, but there are certain elements that makes these types of garages greater than others.


Security is an important feature of every garage. You can ensure your garage is great by investing in a modern, high quality garage door that features robust locks and advanced security features.



An attractive garage not only looks good in its own right, but it will also complement the overall look of your home and property, boosting its kerb appeal and, often, its market value!



A great garage door is one that is tailored to suit your own personal needs. If you’re often driving in and out of your garage, you can make your garage greater by investing in an automatic door. This will enable you to promptly open and close your garage door on demand — even without leaving your car! A garage that doesn’t have much available exterior space should prioritise a garage door that rolls vertically as opposed to protruding out and then over.


The special touches.

A few special touches can go a long way. Transform your garage from a standard garage into an area suitable for staying long periods with some of the following installations:


Sinks and running water enable you to stay in your garage for long periods of time without needing to go back into the house for a drink. They are imperative for turning your garage into a living space.


Electricity and plug sockets open up a wealth of options to renovate your garage. You can add TVs, home cinema systems and games consoles.


If you’re choosing not to store your car in your garage, carpeting or other types of flooring can be a great option for improving the look and feel of your garage.


Luxury garages.

Not having a large enough space to house all of your many, many sports cars is one of the hardest parts of being a multimillionaire. Some people have dealt with this issue by building custom garages — and they spared no expense. Here are descriptions of some of the most amazing garages of all time:

Tennis court passage

What’s better than owning a mansion with a swimming pool and tennis court? Owning a mansion with a swimming pool and a tennis court that lift up to reveal a secret underground garage underneath. Extravagant entrances and secret passages are common to luxury garages, but this one truly takes the cake.

Rotating platforms

A garage in Beverly Hills, California features a central turntable that displays multiple prized luxury cars as they slowly rotate around you, giving you a view from all angles. 

Ample space

Jay Leno is widely known for being a talk show host and comedian, but he is also an avid car collector and boasts one of the largest garages in the world. His personal garage, complete with machine shop, fabrication shop and over 286 vehicles, is a jaw dropping 17,000 square feet wide. It’s such an impressive garage, Jay sometimes provides a personalised tour of the vicinity to budding car enthusiasts at $100 a ticket. 


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