The Best Colours for Childrens’ Bedrooms

Colours can have a big impact upon your mood, so choose wisely when determining what paint colours will go up on the walls of the rooms throughout your home. When it comes to children’s bedrooms, in particular, you definitely want to opt for colours that will promote your child’s well-being and contentment. You want the right balance between energising your child while also giving him or her a space to retreat to and relax.

So what colours should you use in your children’s bedrooms, and what colour combinations work best together? Continue reading for some helpful tips.

Choose Colours That Will Grow with Your Child

The last thing you want to do is choose a paint colour for your child’s bedroom when he or she is very young and then have to repaint the bedroom again when your child gets older and has outgrown that colour. To avoid this unnecessary hassle and expense, opt for colours that will grow with your child.

Great options include a pale lilac or lavender colour for a girl’s room, as it’s attractive to both young girls and teens, as well as a marine blue for a boy’s room, as it will pair perfectly with white when he’s young and green when he’s older.

The Best Colour Combinations

The right combinations of colour can give any room a unique feel. See which combination you prefer for your child’s bedroom based on his or her personality.

One option is a combination of bright colours in the citrus family, which can work for both boys and girls. A modern energising space can be achieved with a combination of pale blue, orange, and yellow, especially when combined with the right furniture, such as vintage industrial furniture.

If you want to bring the great outdoors inside and create a more tranquil space, you can instead opt for colours in the yellow, green, and brown families.

Red, white, and blue are a perfect combination for any boy’s room, as is orange and green. And if you want your little girl to love her space when she’s young and when she gets older, opt for creamy beige hues that are highlighted by delicate lavender. But if you want your little girl to have a more brightly coloured space, you can instead opt for a combination of yellow and pink.

Feng Shui Colours for Kids

If you’re a fan of feng shui, there are certain colours that are recommended for children’s bedrooms. Earthy hues bring about stability and nourishment, as well as growth and vitality; grey and white bring about preciseness and clarity; and blue and black are associated with abundance and ease.

A Final Tip

To choose the ideal colours for your child’s bedroom, you may need to test out some options before settling on the combination that works for you and your son or daughter. Consider taking home small sample bottles of paint colours and putting them up on small areas of the walls. This will allow you to see how the colours are affected by the lighting in the room, as well as how well they go together.

  • Crystal Living

    I’ve painted my daughters bedroom bright orange. Our second room is currently a deep purple, but I intend to repaint it either a banana shade of yellow or a bright lime geen-y colour for our second daughter due in January. I like the rooms to be bright and cheerful and do not care for “gender specific” colours. I think at the end of the day it was suits your mood. There is no harm in repainting the bedrooms when children do start to develop their own likes and dislikes. Just like us adults repaint feature walls, put up wallpaper or change the colour of curtains to achieve a certain ambience of a room.

  • Adam Barnett

    Great tips, thanks for sharing. My daughter is 2 and her room is painted in purple. My wife chose the colour. We allow our girl to paint on the walls, that develops her creativity.
    – Adam,

  • Oliver Smith

    Tank you for the article. Ii is ueful and I will paint my childs room in yellow and green

  • Sam Faulkner

    Thank you for the article! I think colours for the child’sroom should be pastel with some bright accents, no matter the child’s sex. That way the room will be suitable also for the teen and will not be too agressive – let’s not forget colours affect our emotions and moods.

  • Mia Briggs

    Great article! I want to share my experience: I have a little boy and his room is nature-inspired. He loves to be outdoors 🙂 To emphasize the tall ceiling, just the tops of the trees poke out above the sunny orange and celery-green paint below. A mix of wood finishes on the trim and dresser emphasizes the woodsy feeling.

  • Eva

    A friend of mine lets her 3-years old daughter paint on the walls. I think it’s a very sweet idea and it develops creativity in kids.

  • Jane Andersen

    I like this article! Help your child to be creative.

  • Bethany Thomson

    My girl is 5 and let her decide in which colour her father to repaint her room. She chose purple.