Smartphone Apps To Help You With DIY Projects

It happens to even the most seasoned crafters: you’re hard at work in the middle of a DIY project, only to realize you’re missing an essential tool or item. The good news is you no longer need to run out to Home Depot in the middle of your project—just grab your smartphone.

Thanks to the abundance of apps available for the avid DIYer, your mobile device can step in when you’re unprepared or uninspired. Below are five free apps to assist with your latest DIY project.



You see hundreds of colors every day, many of which might potentially inspire your next DIY project. But, trying to match a paint color with a color you see in passing is nearly impossible. This app eliminated the guesswork and finds matching paint colors for the hues that inspire you.

How it works: Just snap a picture of whatever color you’re curious about and the app will suggest the closest match based on 1,500 Sherwin Williams paint colors.

Price: Free


You’re probably already familiar with eBay, but may not have considered it a goldmine for DIYers. If you love turning others’ trash into treasures, treat this auction site like a thrift store or yard sale. Scour eBay for deals on old furniture or craft supplies you’ll need for your next DIY undertaking. Because you get to place bids, you’ll be able to name your price and save some cash.

How it works: Search the entire eBay marketplace and bid on items from your mobile.

Price: Free


DIYers know incorrect measurements can throw off an entire project. Being meticulous about taking accurate measurements is a must. If your measuring tape isn’t nearby, this app available on your BB10 smartphone and works fantastic in a pinch.

How it works: Snap a picture of whatever you want to measure next to a penny (so the app has a reference of its size). You can then measure the object right on your mobile device.

Price: Free

Etsy fAn

So you think your DIY wares are good enough to sell? This virtual flea market for homemade items is the perfect place to make a quick buck off of your crafts. Shop owners sell everything from artisan jewelry to customized beer coozies. Once you get your shop up and running, use the Etsy mobile app to add new listings, upload photos and view transactions.

How it works: This app offers much of the same features as the site, allowing you to browse, buy and manage your Etsy shop on the go.

Price: Free


level appOnce you’ve finished a DIY art project, you’ll want to display it for all to see. But hanging your artwork crooked might distract from your hard work. If you don’t have an actual level to help with hanging your wall decor, there’s an app for that (of course).

How it works: Hold your picture frame against the wall with one hand and then aim your mobile device at it. Level will let you know if your wall decor is crooked.

Price: Free