Seven Innovative Design Ideas For Loft Beds

Loft beds can be a creative and alternative way of designing a bedroom that can add a real personable touch to the area.

They are particularly popular with children who love the opportunity to interact with the surrounding environment underneath and the adventure of climbing up at night time to reach their bed.

But how exactly can you design your loft bed? This article will highlight seven design features that you could take into consideration when building your loft bed area.

1.       Aeroplane

By adding in a decorative aeroplane hanging from the ceiling, a child will really feel the full effect of being up in the sky when lying in the loft bed of an evening or in the morning.

2.       Walk-in Wardrobe

Got loads of clothes that you simply cannot find space to find a home for? Well, designating a space underneath your bed – as demonstrated in the picture below – can be a cool way of creating your own walk-in wardrobe full of your favourite outfits.


3.       Mirror

Ok, so you have the storage room for your clothes – but what about checking yourself out? You need to look good, right!? This underneath storage facility is bolstered by the fact it is covered by a full length mirror that will be ideal for ensuring you look your very best before travelling out.

4.       Play Area

Kids love to have their own sectioned-off play area where they can hide away and let their imagination run wild. This den-style loft bed provides exactly that and would be a brilliant addition for young children.

5.       Office Area

For the slightly older inhabitant, a loft bed with an incorporated study can be an excellent way for teenagers to progress with their school work and define an area in the household that is free from any potential distractions.

6.       Storage

If a wardrobe isn’t your thing then it might be worth installing some sets of drawers underneath the bed to keep your clothes in a neat and tidy fashion. This picture also shows on an area that looks similar to a bookshelf and other storage points where toys would be kept – although we’re not sure about the slide-down poll with young kids about!


7.       Slide

So while a poll could be a little on the dangerous side, this loft bed which includes a slide is much more child-friendly and likely to be great fun for the kids to use when they wake up in the morning!

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