Power To The Conservatory!

You might be reading this blog and thinking ‘why on earth is there a post about conservatories in winter, it’s far too cold!’ And that’s exactly the problem that we face with many conservatories throughout the country.


Homeowners, who have splashed out on a conservatory in order to get that extra  living space for the kids to play or as a relaxing area to read and unwind, think they can only use it during the summer, and they’re right most of the time. Conservatories are often too cold during the winter to sit comfortably in, and the common similarity between them is that they have plastic polycarbonate roofs, which simply do not provide the protection from the elements that a conservatory roof should.


The conservatory shouldn’t be a room to only use when it’s hot and sunny, it should be an extension of your home, providing you with space that is all too essential for you and your family. Comfort is essential to the home, and that shouldn’t stop being a priority in the conservatory.


Plastic polycarbonate roofs provide other problems which inhibit the comfort of home. Noise from rainfall is a big problem with these roofs and is very disturbing when you’re trying to relax and unwind, leaving residents reluctant to use the space when it’s raining, which is, unfortunately a lot of the time! This along with dirt built up on the roof and the poor control of temperature can often mean that residents feel uncomfortable in their conservatory, meaning its usage is somewhat limited. With the British weather not being the most predictable (to put it nicely), it would be reassuring to know that we could use our conservatory come rain or shine.


Refresh Glass conservatory roofs offer a solution to improving the performance of a conservatory roof, and achieving the much needed comfort to make the space enjoyable and relaxing for all of the family. The specialist glass roofs solve many problems in one product, and only take 1-2 days to fit. The built-in-self-cleaning function reacts with natural daylight to break down dirt and rainwater then washes the dirt away, helping to keep the glass cleaner for longer. Along with the temperature control function, that keeps the conservatory warm during the winter and cool during the summer, means that instantaneously, the conservatory is a comfortable room to enjoy.


With over 3.5 million homes with conservatories across the UK, it is important to treasure our conservatories, they just need a revamp and there’s no time like the present. As the housing market struggles, many property owners are opting to improve rather than move, so the chance to create a new space in a home with minimal fuss and maximum results is an appealing one. A new conservatory roof, such as the ones provided by Refresh Glass, will unleash new life into your home, without the need for an extension or renovation.

So, come rain or shine, achieve comfort in your home, and give power to the conservatory!

For more information on Refresh Glass conservatory roofs visit: http://www.refreshglassroofs.com/