Post Renovation Cleaning Tips

Female using a vacuum cleanerA home requires regular maintenance, but it also requires a bit of renovation efforts from time to time as well. You could be involved in some simple things, such as putting up new kitchen cabinets to deep cleaning efforts such as scrubbing and eliminating mold. All of these require a decent amount of effort and they leave a pretty decent mess behind that needs cleaning. If you want to avoid the possible mess as much as possible you should do your best to stick to a strict and efficient cleaning regimen.


The following tips will provide you with the necessary guidelines so you’ll be flawless at cleaning after massive or smaller renovation projects. Thankfully in most cases you will have a chance to get things started a lot faster than you might think thanks to plastic covers or careful preparations. Regardless, you should being with the first one on our list:


Begin by focusing on the walls of the areas where renovation took place. Pay special attention to the molding as well, as no part of them should be ignored if you want to do a good job at cleaning them. You can use a long broom or an extension duster to clean hard-to-reach places that need your attention. If there are any walls covered with textured materials, you should vacuum them carefull with a brush attachment so they won’t be harmed in the process. In all other cases you should wipe wallpapers with a damp cloth as they will be easier to clean.

• The next thing that needs to be done is to vacuum your floors everywhere as thoroughly as possible. Depending on the surfaces you have to work with you can even mop them after that. You can apply the mopping to tiles, wood or linoleum for a quick fix of persistent spots and stains that won’t go away after vacuuming.

• Make sure you use the upholstery attachment to clean furniture which was hidden under protective plastic wrapping. It doesn’t matter whether it was your mattresses or other furniture – the fact remains that they will need a bit of tidying up before you can present them to the world again. You should do the same with any fabric on your windows such as drapes and any accessories there.

Remove and clean up the light fixtures around your home so they’ll be neat and fresh. If your home has a ceiling fan you should also clean the blades of the fan so the dust from it won’t fall down on the floor once it starts rotating again.

Clean up the vents with some soap and water so they won’t hide any dust once you turn the air conditioning system back on. Unscrew them and open things up if you have to while also changing any air filters that need to be changed. In most cases the filters will be filthy beyond belief after serious renovation so they will need to be removed. If any painting was done inside it is likely the painters removed the filters for better air circulation. Make sure you place some filters back in when they’re done.

Wipe the dust down from your furniture everywhere. Remember to remove any decorations, books and anything else that sits on shelves instead of going around it if you want to get the job done right.


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