Oak Wood Furniture Guide

Oak Dining Table & ChairsIf you’re about to move or are thinking about revamping your home, you may be starting to think about which materials to use for your main theme. Oak furniture is very popular at the moment due to its durability and its attractive, elegant look. Oak is perfect for home fixtures – such as tables, wardrobes and cabinets – that need to be hard-wearing and sturdy; this wood has been used for hundreds of years in furniture making, as well as in shipbuilding in the past.

Solid oak furniture comes in many different styles, so you’re sure to find something that will suit your home and personality. You can go for contemporary and modern oak furniture, or make use of its old-style elegance and decorate your home with rustic, antique and traditional styles of Oakwood furniture.

Placing an antique-style table in your dining room or a contemporary coffee table in your lounge will create opposite but equally impressive, bold styles that you can use to match with your existing furniture.

Once you’ve chosen a style, you’ll need to decide on the type of finish. Limed oak has a distressed look, making it perfect if you’re going for a striking, vintage feel in your home.

Oak Chest of DrawersReclaimed oak is good for the environment and also gives you a genuine aged look (it may have been used as flooring etc in the past). Weathered oak – especially when using a dark wood – fits in great with a rustic-style home, and with reproduction oak, you can find beautiful hand-crafted pieces that will complement a traditional house.

Caring for all kinds of wooden furniture is vital, and oak is no different. Traditional oak furniture needs to be kept in good condition, so make sure you regularly dust the surfaces and give it an occasional wax and polish – once every three months or so should keep the wood protected.