Not Ready to Take the Plunge on that Swimming Pool? An Inflatable Pool May Be the Solution

When the summer months come along, there is nothing more refreshing than taking a cool dip in the water. While it is always fun to pack the family in the car and head to the beach, the lake, or the local swimming pool, it may not always be convenient, especially for busy parents. Your kids may be begging you to invest in a backyard swimming pool, but with the costs involved, this may not be a reality at the present time, especially in today’s economy. One cost effective alternative is to invest in an inflatable pool. While the common belief is that inflatable swimming pools are cheaply made and small in size, the reality is that there are a variety of inflatable pools on the market today that are sturdy, stylish, and large enough for the whole family.

Benefits of an Inflatable Pool

There are a variety of benefits to purchasing an inflatable backyard pool. First and foremost, cost. Depending on the size of your backyard and the dimensions of a permanent in ground swimming pool, costs can run as high as $20,000, and above ground steel framed pools start at around $2,000. An inflatable backyard pool that is sizeable enough for the whole family can run as low as $50.00, resulting in a hefty price difference. Inflatable pools are easy to set up as well as take down, and can be safely stored away during the winter months. Additionally, inflatable family size pools are safer for small children, as they are typically 18-20 inches deep.

Another benefit of an inflatable outdoor pool is they are simple to maintain. You don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals, chlorine, and the expenses of pool maintenance. In order to properly fill an inflatable swimming pool, all you need is a backyard hose and running water. The fact that these pools are safely stored away for the winter completely eliminates the need to winterize the pool, which is an expensive necessity for above ground pools, allowing for additional cost effectiveness all the way around.

Inflatable pools come in a variety of colors and styles, and most models include an easy air pump system, allowing for simple set up and take down at the end of each day. They are perfect starter pools for younger children, and they are an affordable and reliable way to keep everyone in the family cool and comfortable during those hot summer months.

A Fun, Refreshing Summer

In today’s economy, families of all income types are doing what they can to save money. If you are on the fence about installing that in ground swimming pool, it is always a better idea to consider more cost effective alternatives until you are 100% certain that an in ground pool is an affordable choice. Inflatable pools today are not the simple kiddies’ pools of yesterday, these pools are sturdy, sizeable, and definitely affordable, allowing for a cool and comfortable summer for the entire family.

Jonathan Bird is a DIY home improvement enthusiast. He loves writing about ways people can make their homes more like their personal castles. Visit the link to view an inflatable pool from Backyard Ocean.