Maintaining Your Conservatory

In order to enjoy your conservatory to its full potential, it’s important to carry out basic maintenance on it.

Simple to maintain, here’s a general guide to the key areas that you need to keep your eye on so your conservatory can remain as good as new.

Conservatory glazing tips

Stubborn grime on your conservatory isn’t a good look. Fortunately it can be removed using a gentle soap/water solution, followed by a spray of household glass cleaner. If the glass in your conservatory is leaded, then extra care needs to be taken. If not, the lead from the surface of the glass can end up becoming dislodged. Simply apply warm soapy water and gently rub in using a soft cloth.

If your conservatory’s glass becomes scratched, then there are a number of scratch removal products available which are suitable for conservatories. And, as with all products, follow the instructions carefully.

Note: Before you set about cleaning your conservatory, wait at least a week to ensure all sealants used in your conservatory’s installation are fully set.

Condensation in conservatory

Natural ventilation will help reduce condensation, so:

  • Regularly open up your windows and doors
  • Always keep trickle vents in the ridge and at the eaves open
  • Open the roof vent (if you’ve got one fitted)

Heating can also help keep condensation at bay – so keep the areas heated where condensation is a problem. It’s also wise to keep a conservatory heated during the cold weather.

General conservatory maintenance
Lubrication: If your conservatory’s handles, locks and hinges are in need of lubrication, then an oil lubricant like WD40 works well.


Brass work: Your conservatory’s brass work is coated in lacquer in order to protect it. Over time this lacquer may come off – or become worn looking. So when it comes to refurbishing brass work:


  • Remove all traces of the old lacquer with either nail varnish remover or paint stripper
  • Clean and polish with a suitable brass polish
  • Carefully re-lacquer using a quality product


Note: Before carrying out these three simple steps, make sure you protect the surrounding PVC by covering up the area around each piece of brass work.

General cleaning

As well as the aforementioned, make sure you give the roof and side frames of your conservatory a good wash at least every four months. If you stumble across any grime, use a soap water solution to remove it. When using cleaning products, there are many suitable for use on conservatories – but always read the label first. Steer clear of all solvent based or abrasive cleaning agents.

It’s also very important that you keep your conservatory’s gutters clear of leaves and other debris – this is so water won’t build up and lie in the channel of the gutter. Significant build up of water can lead to leaks inside the conservatory.

Although just a general guide, all the above tips will help you properly maintain and care for your conservatory years to come.

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Author: Philip Woods