Maintain Your Hardwood Conservatory

Brought to you by Hampton Conservatories & Orangeries.

Follow these simple tips to minimise repair work, and maximise the lifespan of your hardwood conservatory.


Wood work

Wood work

As part of your cleaning routine, wipe the internal wood with a slightly damp cloth dabbed in soapy water. Make sure the wood thoroughly dries afterwards.

For the exterior, wash your conservatory at least once a year. Use a mild detergent mixed with a healthy amount of clean, warm water. This will take away natural grime, dust and grease that bacteria can harbour in.

Do not use a pressure washer as these are too powerful for the hardwood surface.

Any persistent marks, chips, gashes that occur on your woodwork should be remedied in good time.

Fixing damaged paintwork – wipe away any debris, sand the affected area lightly and then paint the woodwork again.



Glass being Cleaned by ClothAs with most glass products, keep on top of your cleaning and you’ll enjoy the best results.

Use warm water and a mild detergent to clean the windows, then wash away with fresh water. Internally, you will be fine to use regular window cleaning products.

Do not walk on the roof’s glass panels and do not use a pressure washer.


Flooring / Sills

Any spills or accidents that occur should be mopped up and wiped away promptly.

Leaving fluids on natural woods can cause it to bow and warp with time.



Brass hinge in need of cleaningAny squeaks or creaks that occur when opening or closing doors and windows can be remedied easily.

Wipe the hinge with a damp cloth to remove any dust or grit and then use a small amount of WD40 or oil. Wipe away any dribbles that may run down.


For more helpful tips, please refer to Hampton’s official Conservatory Aftercare Guide.