How to Clean Double Glazed Windows

cleaning double glazing

Investing in double glazed windows is a worthwhile cost, providing increased thermal efficiency that will make significant savings on your heating bill in the long term. Maintaining your windows is essential to ensure they last for years, minimising the damage caused by wear and tear, weather effects, and other outside elements.

We’ve listed some of the top tips to keeping your double glazed windows clean for best results below.

You will need:

  • A soft cloth
  • Non-abrasive cleaner or warm soapy water
  • A cup of white vinegar to keep windows streak free

Cleaning your windows

Remove any large items of debris to avoid scratching the glass, then use your cloth soaked in the cleaner or water to wash the windows. Adding the cup of white vinegar will help avoid streaks forming as the windows dry, creating a sparkling finish.

It’s essential that you only use a soft cloth – an abrasive brush can scratch or damage the appearance of the glass. Some people also opt to use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment on their window frames, which is an effective method to clean up any dust and debris that may have gathered there.

Tougher stains

For tougher, more stubborn stains, a PVC solvent or uPVC cream can be an effective method to tackle these areas. Always make sure that the cleaners you are using are suitable for the windows to avoid damaging the seals and compromising your double glazing.

This article was written by Abbey Glass, a double glazing based in Sheffield. Abbey Glass can provide quality materials and a professional installation service scheduled to your convenience.

  • Jessica Williams

    Excellent post and i like your first three point it’s very useful. Nicely explain with points and thanks for sharing.

  • Mayuko Parglass

    Some very nice tips and I think they might not only be used for windows cleaning but also for glass balustrades.

  • Neil Cartwright

    Could I also suggest a good quality chamois leather cloth is also a good way of cleaning double glazing? It can remove tougher grime then a soft fabric cloth used to remove any smears

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    Very interesting tips, there are many ways to clean double glazed windows and i will surely clean my windows using these effective ideas. The replacement double glazed units bournemouth handles glass window issues and follows your tips.

  • Andy

    Some very interesting ideas here. Another point to remember is to avoid cleaning on sunny days, as this can leave a streaky finish on the glass