How Much Should I Spend on my Home Furnishings?

How long is a piece of string? Before you start trying to work it out, forgive us for the trick question for there is no definitive answer.

The piece of string is as long as you desire, and the same goes for your home décor.

Some homeowners choose to spend thousands of pounds on furnishing their home with state-of-the-art gadgets. Other people are quite content with the fundamental basics, like a bed, sofa and dining table.

What matters is that you decorate your home how you want, and within the budget you have available. Are you furnishing the house from scratch? Experts claim that it will cost you 25% of the home’s value. So, if you bought a property for £75,000, it will cost you £18,750 to kit it out completely, but that does sound like a lot.

However, if you take into account that you are furnishing a home that has absolutely nothing, there are many fittings and fixtures to buy.

Now we can give you the average prices for certain items but please bear in mind that the cost really does vary across the country. It all depends on where you purchase the furniture; just make sure you don’t get ripped off and charged a fortune based on the estimates below!

    • Bed budget

Obviously, the larger bed size you buy increases the price.

On average, spend:

  • Mattress                       £200-£700
  • Bed frame single                   £250
  • Bed frame double    £250- £1000


  • Dining table disbursement

Similarly, the cost of a dining table depends on is size e.g. a six-seat will be more costly, than a two-seat table.

However, the material will also affect the price-tag as an Oak two seater might cost more than a Chestnut four seater.

Dining sets will cost you more because they include matching chairs; however this is definitely worth it to create a coordinating décor.On average, a dining set costs around £300-£680.


  • Wardrobe worth

Wardrobes vary in size. You can purchase a basic one door wardrobe, or a large five door that offers much more storage space.

What kind of storage does it offer, shoe sections and shelving for accessories?

Bedroom chests vary in size too, from three drawers to seven drawers.

On average, a wardrobe can cost as little as £300 and go up to £1000 +.


  • Sofa statistics

What size is the sofa? What fabric is it made from?

Have you ordered a bespoke service? Do you need it delivering?

All these factors can affect the expenditure of your sofa.

You need to spend wisely because a good sofa can last you up to 10 years.

On average, it can cost as little as £300 and go up to £800 +.  It will cost more to have matching footstools or arm chairs however, many people are now opting for the ‘buy now, pay later’ route.


These are just the basic items which you need to buy. Understandably there will be more furniture to get such as carpets, TV units, and coffee tables. Estimate the total price and put a budget aside accordingly.

(All images courtesy of AHF and Shutterstock)

This article was written by Lauren Grice on behalf of AHF Furniture, a leading UK company that specialises in high quality, home furnishings. Need a new bed or dining table? Visit the experts today for affordable furniture and carpets.