Helpful Combi Boiler Price Tips

For a reduced combi boiler price, the best time to look is during the summer when installers are low on orders and more willing to drop costs by as much as 20%. But why would installing a new boiler be beneficial to your home?

One of the top reasons to be thinking about a new, efficient heating system is because of the price of fuel expected to rise once again in the winter by as much as 15%. To cut your spending and escape fuel poverty, a replacement boiler could be crucial.

Inefficient boilers can be operating at just a 70% efficiency anyway, which means you’ll be paying over the odds on your fuel bills as it is, without rising fuel prices adding to your worries.

But when you replace a G-rated boiler with an A-rated system, you could see energy bill cuts up to £300 annually.

The Energy Saving Trust say that heat accounts for 60% of the average home’s energy bill, so having an efficient system is vital to reducing your expenditure.  Many companies will offer free home visits, so you can find out the combi boiler price and discover how much you’ll save each year.

Boiler companies are often trained in other insulation areas too, and can advise homeowners on opportunities to make the most out of a new boiler, such as loft lagging or double glazing.

With a cheap summer combi boiler price, expect to:

  • Slash your yearly heating bills by hundreds of pounds, easing you  away from fuel poverty and making your home more energy efficient
  • Ensure your home is warmer for the winter, without the need to up the temperature. When a new boiler is fitted it’s quite common for the pipes and radiators to receive upgrades or a power flush to improve efficiency
  • Cut carbon emissions by as much as 1,220kg annually, which not only is great for the environment, but is crucial to helping the Government meet tough EU targets.

What boiler choices do you have?

The good news is that upgrading your inefficient boiler now could see you make savings of up to 20% on the combi boiler price, compared to a winter installation.

There are two main possibilities for you to decide between, a conventional boiler or combi boiler.

  • The conventional boiler is the type you’ll find in many older properties, with water tanks in the loft or airing cupboard. This type of boiler provides a fast flowing water source and can even work in conjunction with renewables such as solar panels or a heat pump
  • Your other option is the combi boiler – the most popular boiler in the UK. With a combi boiler you can have hot water on demand, without the need for water tanks in the loft or airing cupboard.

The combi boiler price in the summer is a big opportunity to have an efficient heating system at a reduced cost and see large energy bill savings.

This is a series of posts written by lead generation company Quotatis. Quotatis are Europe’s most popular consumer matching service for the home improvement market and they offer up to four free boiler quotes.