Five indoor-outdoor features that could bring your home to life

Making up spaces that can be considered both indoor and outdoor can make your home highly appealing and often very sellable. This is because you can build new entertaining spaces and rooms to relax in and enjoy precious time with family and friends – something that’s highly attractive to most people.

When you select the correct garden features to suit your style, your home’s outdoor spaces start becoming more and more alive. The garden can be kept spruced up by adding decorative accessories. You could even add features like swings, garden sculptures or fountains to bring a focal point to a beautiful space.

Just make sure you choose something right for the space, ensure it’s not overcrowded and don’t add too many accessories. If you do have a large garden, a big fountain or statue makes a good statement piece.

On the other hand, massive accessories can detract from the garden if the space is smaller. You can use mini accessories, like bird baths, lanterns, wind chimes or big planter boxes.

Here are five fantastic additional design elements from Eden Harper, an estate agents in Battersea in order to help you transform your spaces and create a stunning indoor-outdoor feel to your home.

  1. Furniture

    Ok, it may seem pretty obvious, but it’s important to have the right furniture in this space. This will bring the are to life and make it a relaxed, easy-going place to hang out in – perfect for kicking back with a glass of wine in summer and having a few friends over to relax with a barbecue.


  1. Outdoor kitchens

    Now these are the ultimate luxury, really something special. When entertaining, you can cook delicious concoctions on the spot and ensure that your drinks are always cool on a hot, sweaty summer afternoon. This also allows you to feel that you’re intimate with your guests and to chill out with them without worrying about having to go backwards and forwards into the kitchen.


  1. Outdoor blinds

    A stunning way to make your living space beautiful at any time of the year, these blinds can protect you from strong sunlight and mosquitos in summer and keep the rain and wind away in the winter. They do a good job of keeping bugs out of guests’ food along with a view of your gorgeous backyard. Perfect!


  1. Tech

    Outdoor tech! Hooray! A chance to take in a film and listen to some tunes while relaxing with friends and family. This adds a certain je ne said quoi to your day and allows you to enjoy food and drinking in the sun.


  1. Glass doors

    One way of bringing the outside in to your home is to use wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling glass doors. This ensures that light can flood into your living and dining spaces, all the while keeping the cold out during the winter months.

Good luck!


  • Virginia Gutierrez

    Glass doors and outside kitchen can cost a lot of money but I think it’s worth it.

  • Jake Holloway

    I think all of this is expensive…But if there is a cheap way to do it, I’ll be happy to know it.

  • Dobri Todorov

    If you renovate your home, you can use your old kitchen appliances and furniture for outdoors and it will be a lot cheaper.

  • Rhia Styles

    Great blog post! Do you have anything about a roof window?

  • Amy Warner

    I love this <3 Another great way to add a little bit of life to your house is to add an external wall render.

  • Amy Warner

    I love this <3 Another great way to add a little bit of life to your house is to add an external wall render.