Fitting Blinds To Doors – A Common Complaint

If you have glass doors or windows in your doors then you may want to help cut down on the amount of light that streams through them. You may also want to help cut down on heating costs by having some extra insulation. When you use door blinds they can provide one way to ensure that you are able to use the door and control the light at the same time. Traditionally the issue has then been that the blind will wave around and slam into the door as it is used. Fortunately there are now a few options which will secure the blind in place both at the top of the window, and the bottom.

The first option is the simplest which is choosing a blind that can be fitted with hold down brackets. As the name implies they hold the blind down at the bottom.

Both metal and wooden Venetian blinds can be provided with hold down brackets. It’s a small bracket with a pin that extends out. The pin then slots into the bottom bar of the blind anchoring it into place.

Roller blinds are another option that you might want to try. If you specify a wooden lathe bar at the bottom hold down brackets can be utilized here as well but generally the blind will need to be kept down all the time. This can help you to create more functional door blinds.

The second solution is a system called “perfect fit”. Now widely available this provides an option for any window which is double glazed. The blind comes in a frame which actually fits to the beading of the glass. Not only can it be fitted in minutes but solves all of the above problems seamlessly.

A common mistake that many make is that they will try and drill holes into fiberglass doors. Although it might not seem like a bad idea, but because the door is hollow it can be hard for the screws to stay within the door. Also the drilled holes become enlarged and will no longer fit and easily fall out. It is therefore always wise to ensure the door is suitable for the application you are thinking of first.

Door blinds can create the look and feel that you want if you need to have a covering on your glass doors. They will help with privacy, block out light, and even provide some insulation. Hopefully the above solutions will help you create a finish which is beautiful and functional at the same time.

About the author:

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