Different Strokes to Accessorize your Bathroom

When we look at home décor magazines and go through the images they provide us with innovative ideas. We store them in our memory to apply on either would be homes or already existing ones. Our eyelids rise as we witness bathroom decorative styles which are as majestic as any decorative styles of a palace.

The question which hits our shocked brain is that, are there people who actually opt for such designer type decorative styles for their bathrooms?

Well, even if it surprises, with increasing money earning capacities and people working really hard to live comfortable lives, heavy cash is available in hands. Thus, people are actually capable of affording such luxuries.

Moreover, bathroom is a place where a person relaxes while bathing or a lady adores herself while putting make-up, so along with dining, living and bedrooms people are also shifting their concern towards decorative bathrooms.

Some Points which can be considered

Bathtub and Showers are the two preliminary things a person can begin decorating with, they are available in affordable ranges and add class quotient to the bathrooms.


It is a bathing apparatus which is capable of spraying water under which a person stands and bathes.


Showers are used for two purposes

  • Domestic– Here generally a shower is accompanied with a bath tub. Generally, it contains a sliding plastic sheet to hold back the water sprays.
  • Public– As the names sounds, it is meant for public using and is generally found in aquatic places, spa and gymnasiums. Segregated on the gender basis they are generally enclosed showers.



It is of many types, some evident forms are

  • Electric Shower- The shower consists of an electric apparatus attached to the head of the shower which is capable of converting cold water to the required temperature of hot water.
  • Solar Water Heater Shower– A water storage tank is generally placed on the roof of the house which heats the water via the solar energy and then supplies this heated water to the shower.
  • Scottish Shower– It provides the facility to adjust both cold and hot water as required.
  • Steam Shower– This shower consists of a steam generator which produces steam and spreads it over the body of the person standing below the shower.

There are many more different types of showers which are available in the market with variant styles to enhance the bathroom design.

ü  Among the many latest trends is the Outdoor Shower. It is generally used by people who have their homes situated at near the beaches. The children and other family members can easily wash themselves and get rid of the salty water and sand particles after a bath in the sea and sit down immediately for a family lunch.

ü  Color Changing Showers, as the name suggests it delights a person bathing with multi color water patterns. This is further modified into Metallic Square Head Showers with LED technology.

Apart from showers, the bathtubs and sinks are the other two affordable bathroom accessories. Lighting and flooring patterns will also aid towards adding perfection proportion to the bathroom style.

Description- Bathroom design or decoration not only makes a bathroom look-able but also adds to a person’s mood and comfort quotient. People prefer to spend certain clam moments in the bathroom while taking a calm bath. With so many facilities available today accessorizing a bathroom has become as easy as possible.

Mary James is a renowned author who writes articles on various topics. She is a regular contributor to the website OfficeSalesUSA