Conservatory prices ~ Getting the best deal

The current state of the housing market makes it hard to relocate; so many people are looking at conservatories as a way of extending their home and adding the necessary extra space.

With more and more homeowners taking this route, finding the right conservatory prices is crucial in order to maximise profits and ensure there’s added value to your property.

And to make conservatories even more appealing, Topps Tiles have reported that installations are one of the best ways to add value to your home. According to their study, many Britons believed kitchens to be the top home improvement to see a return on, but conservatories add £12,151.

With the cheaper conservatory prices, it’s not just the added value that will benefit your home. On top of the value you’ll:

  • Give your home much needed light and space that can be enjoyed throughout the year, not just in summer. This extra room can be used for anything you see fit, such as a dining room or living room.
  • Have a great access to the back garden, which is excellent for the summer. With large glass windows you have the opportunity to bring the outside in.
  • Keep your home’s energy efficiency levels high with great insulation and a material such as uPVC which is able to retain heat.

Many people now prefer to stay in their properties and improve their home, rather than move to a new place with the high costs of moving associated. With the many styles available such as Victorian, bespoke and lean-to, you have the opportunity to set your home apart from other installations with low cost conservatory prices.

A HSBC survey backs up the Topps Tiles report and the bank’s head of mortgages said: “Homeowners should think carefully about the type and extent of any home improvement works they are planning. Those which enhance the quality of life while retaining broad appeal should be favoured over more individually styled alternations.”

When it comes to a new installation there are a number of factors which will contribute to the conservatory prices. This would include the size, the style and the type of material used.

What’s often the main contributor is the material and with the possibility of uPVC, aluminium or hardwood, which should you choose?

When you look closely at these options, the decision is made clearer with the benefits and disadvantages.

For aluminium, the main problem is the cost. Whilst it’s clearly very resistant and durable, when looking for cheap conservatory prices it’s better to go elsewhere. It’ll be far more expensive to pursue this option.

Next up is hardwood, the traditional material that looks great with older properties. But again, this has its stumbling blocks and although it has great aesthetic appeal, it will suffer from rotting, warping and bowing, leaving maintenance levels high.

Your final option is uPVC and we recommend this as the optimal material for all those looking for a conservatory. uPVC is the cheapest of the three materials and is extremely durable and resistant to the UK’s changing weather conditions.

uPVC is often the material recommended by professionals too and can even be coloured to take the look of hardwood.

For the best conservatory prices consider uPVC and you won’t go wrong. With stabilisers and additives to protect it from the sun’s natural UV rays you’ll have something that’ll last for years, giving you much more space for any need.

This is a series of posts written by lead generation company Quotatis. Quotatis are Europe’s most popular consumer matching service for the home improvement market and they offer up to four free conservatory quotes.