Cheap Summer Boilers: Grab A Bargain

You may feel it’s the wrong time of year to start thinking about replacement boilers for your home, but it’s actually the perfect opportunity with prices set to be at their lowest in the hotter months.

The summer is the quietest point of the year for boiler manufacturers and installers and often you’re likely to pick up a bargain with the cost of installation up to 20% cheaper than in winter.

The Central Heating Guide recommend: “The best way to get a deal is to ask politely with a firm commitment ready, tell them that you’ll give them the business there and then if they give you 10% off, don’t get greedy or ask for half price! 10% – 20% is a reasonable request.”

Why should I upgrade my boiler?

If you have a boiler over 10-years-old and you think you’re paying too much on your energy bills – you’re probably right. Old boilers will work at as little as 70%, meaning you’re paying out hundreds of pounds extra every year.

By upgrading your boiler to an efficient A-rated model, you’ll:

  • Reduce your heating bills by up to £300 annually. This is enough for many UK households to escape fuel poverty (which is when 10% or more of income is spent on dual fuel bills)
  • And as the years roll on you’ll keep making an even greater saving, with energy prices set to rise by 15% this winter alone
  • Cut your home’s carbon footprint and help the environment with global warming problems. Replacing your old G-rated system will save up to 1,220kg of carbon yearly
  • Ensure your home is kept warmer in the winter as heat is distributed evenly

And if reading this has got you thinking about replacing your old boiler system, then look no further than a combi boiler. Combi boilers have become the UK’s favourite heating system with their superb efficiency.

What’s more, hot water can be drawn on demand and you don’t need water storage tanks in the loft or airing cupboard, saving you even more room.

Combi boilers can be attached straight to the kitchen wall or even installed in a small cupboard out of sight.

Remember, that with the summer finally here, now’s the time to start thinking about upgrading your boiler as costs will be far cheaper now than in the winter. Make a saving of up to 20% and ensure your bills are slashed when winter rolls around.

Author bio

This is a series of posts written by lead generation company Quotatis. Quotatis are Europe’s most popular consumer matching service for the home improvement market and they offer up to four free boiler quotes.