Better Bed Buying

As we spend up to a third of our lives in bed, it is safe to say that buying a bed is one of the most important items of furniture to choose for ourselves or our children. The bed supports our body through the night, particularly our backs that take so much strain through the day given our busy and somewhat stressful lifestyles. It is recommended by the Sleep Council that we change our beds approximately every ten years. Can you remember when you bought the bed you have now?

Once a bed frame is chosen, there is the mattress to consider, some mattresses can cost almost as much as a bed frame, especially if you are lucky enough to grab a bargain in a furniture sale! The mattress is essential to our physical wellbeing through the night and just like the bed, this needs to be changed as soon as signs of structural damage are detected.

A common misunderstanding is that a new mattress can revive an old bent or battered bed frame. This is not so! A new mattress will quite quickly settle into nooks and crannies that have appeared as the frame has worn out of shape or springs that have bent into uncomfortable angles. If there is nothing wrong with the bed frame, then naturally, a change of mattress really can make a big difference.

It can be confusing to know which mattress and bed will be the perfect combination for you, so read on for a few guidelines to help you on your way!

Testing out as many different bed types as possible, will give a clearer idea as to what suits you. Even if you have your eye on a splendid frame that may have been spotted online, try to get to a showroom where you can test a mattress that will fit the frame you like. Remember, if the bed is for two, you will both need to have a lie down on the mattress to see if suits you.

A bed should support your body as well as feel comfortable, everyone has a different idea of what is comfortable, but here is how to tell if a bed will cause problems for you:
If a bed is too soft you will find it difficult to fit your hand into the small of your back whilst lying down.
If a bed is too hard you will have huge space at the small of your back, big enough to fit your hand inside!
Finally, if the bed is ‘just right’ there should be a comfortable close fit with your hand at the small of your back.

It may feel a little silly lying on a bed in the middle of a store, but it really is the only way to tell if the bed is right for you. Poking the mattress or just, sitting on the bed will not give you a proper indication as to it’s comfort and suitability.
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