5 Unusual Homes Across the World

  • The Transparent House, Japan

Transparent HouseThis house, designed and built by Sou Fujimoto Architects in Tokyo, is the anti-thesis of what a traditional home is viewed as. Homes are supposed to be a place where people can enjoy their privacy and live lives without the eyes of other upon them. However, the transparent house, aptly called ‘House NA’ is an intriguing concept with no opaque walls and the floor structure is designed to resemble the branches of a tree.

The idea for such a house stemmed from the methods of tree-dwellers of the ancient world. The floors are not divisions but modular floors which are at varying heights from each other. You could hop from module to module in the same way that you could hop from branch to branch in an especially large and welcoming tree. Sou Fujimoto says that there are moments of richness which are encountered through such spatially dense living. For most of us those, the thought being visible while we read our lazy afternoon books seems a bit difficult to stomach.

  • The House in The Tree, British Columbia

The House in The TreeCalled the Hemloft, it is located in British Columbia, this home is almost six kilometers away from the nearest road and further away from the next home. It’s also built midway up a tall hemlock tree, hence it’s name. Joel Allen, the man with the idea, initially worked in the technological field and made a hefty living. Allen started working in carpentry in order to build his home and the egg-shaped capsule is a feat of both engineering and carpentry. Perfect for those who require shelter while hiking, or for those who want a weekend getaway. The house is built on land which is a national park, hence no one has ownership of it, making it free for all.

  • Converted Church, Utrecht

bTwo abandoned churches in Utrecht, Netherlands have been refurbished and converted by Zecc Architecten into chic and comfortable living spaces. There have been those who have said that being completely free within those holy premises would be difficult, but the homes do look splendid.

It is also an idea which has the community in its mind with more than a thousand churches being closed since the 70s. Converting them removes long standing vacancy and protects the architectural heritage of the community as well. Even so, if you ask your local house removals across Essex to help you move to a church, expect quite a few strange looks.

  • Nautilus, Mexico City

bThis is a house which has been designed as a sea-shell. It’s an actual home which has been built for a family with two children. Being inspired by Gaudi’s and F. Lloyd Wright’s work, Javier Sensosiain created this strange creation with the idea of providing a home which is closer to nature. The interiors are comfortable and have a plethora of colors thrown into the mix to create an environment which is truly unique and quite unforgettable. Smooth surfaces, spiral staircases, plants and walls with an almost kaleidoscopic view dominate the home.

  • House On A Rock, Bajina BastaRiver house

Near the town of Bajina Basta in Serbia, there is the river Drina. In the middle of that river, is a rock which is not very wide, and on top of that rock, is a tiny hut!

Designed and built in 1968 when a group of young men decided that the rock was perfect for some sort of a house, this house sits isolated, in the middle of the river. It looks like a normal hut but the remarkable aspect of the hut is its location. Perhaps these men wanted a better place to go fishing.


Valerie Walker is an architect who writes for various different magazines. She also provides help for those moving between houses by recommending house removals across Essex and giving them moving tips. Contact her for some wacky ideas to make your home one of a kind.