5 Examples Of Beautiful Bedroom Mezzanines

Mezzanine flooring brings modern stylish and contemporary design to the bedroom. Here are 5 great examples of what can be done with a mezzanine in the bedroom.

1. Protea Hotel, Victoria Junction, Cape  Town, South Africa.

Image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hickey-fry/9763625284/

This modern hotel bedroom features a stunning mezzanine, the Protea Hotel in Cape Town, South Africa is described as an urban hotel, a hybrid of modernist and contemporary chic.


2. White Washed Bedroom.


Image source: www.hippanonymous.com

Referred to an an “inverse loft” on the designers website, this beautiful white washed bedroom features a great little mezzanine space above the main sleeping area.


3. Black And White Inspiration.


Image Source: www.ultralinx.com

This black and white room has a modern contemporary feel about it, the wardrobe space is situated on a mezzanine above the bed.


4. The Floating Bed.


Image Source: www.gizmodo.com

This is one of the more surreal and special bedroom mezzanines. The bed appears to float above the living area. Compact living has never looked so good. Natural light floods the sleeping area from the huge open roof light above.


5. Rustic Charm (In A Converted Barn).


Image Source: http://www.bloodandchampagne.com/

This is a great example of a rustic looking mezzanine floor situated above an old bed. This is a fine example of a barn conversion, the oak beams echoing the roof space of the once rural building.


Author Bio:

Andy Carroll works for Mezz Floors UK and has many years experience within the mezzanine  flooring industry. For further information about Andy and the company he works for please visit their website www.mezz-floors.co.uk, or contact him on 01440 268 411.

  • http://www.bettercleaningcompany.co.uk/ Olivia Nolan

    All of these are so stylish! Looking a little bit like “modern man’s cave” but I can live in all of these! Especially, in the second one White Washed Bedroom (because of the wardrobe on the second floor).

  • http://www.londonrubbishremoval.org.uk/ William Dunn

    I like the floating bed very much! Feels like a hammock 😀

  • http://www.thomsonscleaning.co.uk/ Bethany Thomson

    Great! I like the second one best because of the pictures above the bedroom and the wardrobe on the second floor.
    Bethany, SofaClean

  • http://www.putneylocalcleaners.co.uk/ Pippa Clark

    All the bedrooms are gorgeous, but my favourite is the second one.
    Pippa from Belgravia

  • Vera Bolton

    wow this is amazing.. specially the floating bedroom..